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Empowering individuals to achieve long-term personal success

Lift 12-Month Mastery Program

The Lift 12-Month Mastery Program explores all areas of Personal Development Coaching, taking a 12-month holistic behavioural change perspective structured over a year of personal mastery. Make a commitment to yourself and unleash your ultimate potential this year.

Lift Coaching’s Personal coaching programs are about partnering with individuals to uncover awareness, resources, skills, strengths, obstacles, and challenges to enable co-creation of tailored action and implementation plans to achieve personal success.

Personal Development Coaching

Facilitates client awareness of current habits, behaviours, values driven decision making, individual thought systems and perspectives, personality preferences, relationship interactions and responses and key personal strengths. This knowledge is turned into future visioning and tailored action plans to empower individuals to achieve long-term success and behavioural alignment.

Live intentionally and design a life you love with a tailored Personal Development Coaching Program.

Personal Development Coaching

Master and love what you do

Live intentionally and design a life you love

Build a healthy future for you and those around you

Personal Development Coaching
Kate’s insight and skillful ability to get to the very crux of my issues changed my world. Each session with Kate left me feeling inspired about the positive changes I was making and the results were immediate. Kirstin

Lift Coaching’s Personal Coaching Program inclusions:

All of our coaching programs are conducted in 3 monthly cycles of 6 fortnightly coaching sessions. It is quite common for clients to participate in 2-3 coaching cycles to achieve sustained behavioural outcomes.

For our clients, coaching is a process, rather than an event and we develop an ongoing partnership through that process. The Lift 12-Month Mastery Program is structured over 4 quarterly coaching cycles.

  • Initial 2 hour one-on-one session with your Coach (face to face, skype or telephone)
  • Diagnostic personal assessments
  • Fortnightly 45-60min coaching sessions (via telephone, face to face or skype)
  • Evidence based reference tools and models
  • Tailored developmental action and implementation plans
  • Professional support and accountability
One on one coaching

Personal coaching is right for you if you:

  • feel stuck in a rut and want some motivation
  • want to be happier, healthier and have more energy
  • need some inspiration and a plan to achieve you goals
  • would like better relationships with family and friends
  • want a new job, a promotion or a career change
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